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Enticing Facts You Need to Know About Agoraphobia

Agoraphobia is one of the most common anxiety types. Past year, 0.9% of the adults in the US were suffering with this type of anxiety. According to the psychologists in Islamabad, many people who come for therapy are unaware of their situation and their disease. People who face Agoraphobia are afraid of being alone. They are fearful of public transport, leaving the house alone or even speaking in public. They fear the situations where running away is pretty difficult and open places. It is a complex trait and people who suffer with agoraphobia anxiety can have some dreadful effects on their lives. If neglected, it can be a lifelong condition. But, if managed cautiously, the problem can recover fully from symptoms of agoraphobia.

Alarming Symptoms of Agoraphobia:

Though, there aren’t any one kind of symptoms seen in people suffering with anxiety. There can be changes in their behavior, in their talks and in their physical health. Some of the most common ones are as detailed below.

  • People who resist in travelling in public transport and don’t like to interact with more people are at risk of getting agoraphobia
  • Such people are fearful of both open and closed spaces alike. They are afraid of being left alone in closed spaces and being lost in closed ones.
  • They don’t get out of their home alone.
  • They are afraid of situations. If any difficulty arises, they panic instead of solving the problem.
  • Due to panicking, there can be many health problems like dizziness, choking, vomiting and chest pain.
  • Agoraphobic people get faint easily and feel discomfort in crowds.
  • They have a rapid heartbeat and a sense of disorientation doesn’t let them calm down.
  • You will notice a change in their behavior at home and school
  • Their friends will identify a change in their meetings. They’ll start getting insecure.
  • This condition leads to many cardiovascular diseases and other health issues.
  • Patients don’t go out of the home alone and become dependent. This condition gets bad with time if not managed well.

What Causes Agoraphobia?

Many environmental issues can make some people agoraphobic. Some people face problems with parenting and some with their social circle. According to the research by doctors at Capital International Hospital, Islamabad, some of the common causes of agoraphobia are detailed below.

  • It can’t be genetic in most cases but if someone in your close relatives is agoraphobic, it can have a bad effect on other people too. The company matters are the case here.
  • If a person is going through some sufferings, he might get prone to this anxiety. He can’t handle abuse, stress of relationships, work and study. This leads to the condition of becoming agoraphobic.
  • Sometimes, a person who is already a sufferer of another disease becomes more vulnerable to it. For instance, people who fear from heights will be fearful of many other factors alongside.
  • Not the proper care can also be a cause of agoraphobia. Kids who are not treated well in their childhood fear from certain things later in their adulthood.
  • In some cases, the matter goes involuntary. When the person has high nervous temperament or stays anxious more often can be vulnerable to being agoraphobic. 

Effects of Agoraphobia On Daily Life:

All the fears leave some bad effects on your life. These phobias can bound you to your house only and limit your social networking. People suffering from agoraphobia seem powerless and they lack the confidence to do something perfectly. They haven’t been told that they can do things in a flawless way. You will become unable to deal with situations and cope with your daily problems. Such people face many financial problems that can lead to suicidal thoughts. They become alone and spend most of the time in bored isolation. This environment increases their depression and anxiety. If not treated well, it can lead to the stage at which the patient becomes irritable and frustrated. They can provide harm to themselves.

Head Towards a Psychologist!

There’s no shame in admitting that you are suffering and you need a therapist. It has become a social stigma and you have to break it. Nothing costs more than your mental health. You have to take care of yourself and treat your health as a priority!

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