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In-Depth Guide to Green Air Duct Cleaning

Indoor air quality has become one of the crucial environmental concerns these days as daily one person spends 22 hours indoors. The air ducts perform a very essential function in your home by circulating breeze from cooling and heating systems in and out of the room. That, in return, make sure to provide relaxed atmosphere at home.

The air flows through your duct in your house several times. The same air you and your family breathe. So you want to make that pure for you to any extent.

Duct cleaning is the process in which dust and contaminants are removed thoroughly from the duct to make air clean and breathable. In this post, we’ll provide you an in-depth guide to perform it professionally at duct cleaning Pittsburg.


Your house’s HVAC system gets dirty due to regular use even though how many times you have changed the filters. That’s the favorite place for dust, dirt, and contaminants to hide and build up. That dust build-up not only pollutes your atmosphere that can cause severe respiratory problems to asthma patients but can cause your HVAC system to operate harder than can significantly its lifespan.

Decide whether you need vent cleaning or not? Here are 5 surefire signs of the dirty vent!

  1. Dust- After several times of cleaning, you find you home still dirty. You find dust falling off your ventilator whenever you turn on it. When you walk over your floor, your feet get dirty. If so, then remove the filters and check inside for dust.
  2. Mold- We all know that dust is bad for our health. But did you know mold can be worse? They can spread rapidly and can cause several allergic problems. It’s usually invisible around the vent but other components must have covered with it due to the HVAC condensation process. If you inspect any mold, quickly call for a technician at Green Air Conduct Cleaning as they can skillfully spot and remediate any mold issue, and also prevent it from coming back.
  3. Rodents & insects- If insects and rodents have been infested into your ductwork, you’ll require more than just cleans. They can cause serious system damage, leading to venting not operating efficiently and high energy bills. Mouse and insects usually move in the vent and leave spores and dirt behind that you may notice fall off the passage.  You will find some chewed material and an unpleasant smell in the room.
  4. Rising Energy Bills- Your cooling and heating costs are predictable every year and one month you receive a bill noticeably high? Yeah, you can blame your dirty ductwork. Sometimes dirt, debris accumulates into them, lowering the efficiency of the air system. Or in other case it could be the leaks that are causing your bills getting high. The solution for this is to find an expert that can remove and repair your vent skillfully.
  5. Newly Built or Renovated home- Was your home newly built or has undergone major construction? Construction and furnishing is quite chaotic process. And if your ventilator system wasn’t concealed with a cloth. Chances are the construction dirt, dust or molds have entered the ductwork containing the particles that can be pretty nasty to breathe in.


There are many benefits of having your ductwork cleaned by a professional. Here are some of the most essential

Indoor air quality

That is the most important concern every house owner has when deciding to clean their ductwork. The heating and cooling system of your house circulate air in and out maintaining atmosphere. Great amount of dirt, dander, and chemicals build up into the HVAC system. On average , the vent system circulates and recirculate the air many times. Professionals cleaned all the contaminants out of the system. That provides you a better and healthier living environment.

Eliminating allergens & contaminants

Ventilators are not only filled with dust, but there are so many bacteria, mold, insects and hair. These contaminants can be the reason of trouble for asthma patients.

Regular cleanse and maintenance can eliminate such allergic substances and make your atmosphere clean and pure to breathe.

Filtering out unpleasant odor

Dirt, toxins, contaminants and other impurities start mixing with atmosphere when left unchecked in your cooling and heating systems. These impurities discard strange smell that can lead to an unpleasant environment and embarrassment in front of guests.

So without regular dusting, this smell will circulate your house forever. So a proper cleansing day can filter such substances that are a leading cause of smell making environment pure, refresh.

Reducing air conditioning cost

The potential flow of breeze is very important for steady efficiency of heating and cooling system. When dirt and debris accumulates into them, they lower vent efficiency to operate manually hence exhibiting less function and consuming more energy.

If you make you HVAC cleaned out by a professional service, it will not only maintain and cleanse your system but also increase the functioning.

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Do it yourself?

Trending query on the internet- can I clean my duct by myself?

Well, when it comes to purifying ductwork, it’s not some DIY task. You’ll probably need some high-tech tools to perform it. And such appliances are only found to a trained technician. These are not something you’ll get by your nearby garage shop. Moreover, doing something you have no experience with can cause more damage.

Preparation for appointment

  • Ensure the expert reaches out all of your vents, replace clutter.
  • Examine your AC units and furnace
  • Safeguard pets in one room   
  • Have a walk with the contractor through the house

Average cost

Each company have a distinctive service cost. The average cost ranges from 500$ to 1200$.

The amount also varies depending on different aspects of your house like size.

Find a professional

Ready for ductwork cleanse? Make sure to hire a trustworthy contractor to ensure the job is done. Green Air Duct Cleaning

  • The same day, fast service
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Competitive prices

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