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Which Desert Safari Dubai is Best?

Have you made up your mind to take a desert safari tour? Welcome to the next steps guide which might help you choose the best expedition. Dubai is a great place to explore heritage disguised in modern colors. From having a delicious bite at the buffet to getting astonished at traditional falconry, desert safari Dubai keeps all the charms that will insist you for a second visit here.

Double your excitement because you are about to unlock some of the best safari tours that are worth availing.

The Best Desert Safari Dubai Expeditions

1.  How to choose

There are so many perks and joys to be celebrated at desert safari Dubai out of which choosing the best one is a bit confusing. Selecting your tour under a set of some tips might help. Such as:

  • Choosing the most suitable time

If you don’t want to miss the pacific sunrise, you must choose a morning desert visit. If you are not willing to get ready till 5 am to be on the meetup spot, skip it and grab an evening tour which is more focused towards expeditions. There are other options too, including an overnight tour which allows you to spend the best time to live your heart out without being bound to go back in a couple of hours.

  • Can you meet the insanity it offers?

You might have heard about the fascinating sand sports at the campsite like dune bashing, quad biking, sandboarding, and fat bicycling. Faint hearted people usually do not opt for these sand adventures. So they must choose according to their health and capacity. However, they can enjoy other activities such as camel riding, cultural shows, and falconry.

  • Get what your pocket says

The most basic thing over which your expedition at desert safari Dubai is based on is your budget. You can choose from VIP private hospitality to a basic one which starts from as low as 35 AEDs, varying in facilities according to the primacy. Discover the heritage of Dubai with other tourists only focusing merely on fun or make it customized keeping everything private, it’s up to you.

You can also choose combo packages and discounted deals if you don’t want to miss a countable amount of fun in the sand sea of Dubai.

2.  Morning Desert Safari

A classic morning tour begins with a pickup between 4 to 5 am or a gathering at meet-up up point if you are in a self-driven package. A morning tour lasts for 4 hours. In this span, people enjoy sand activities, a mouth-watering breakfast, and hot air ballooning as well. Imagine enjoying all the perks and benefits of being on a nomadic land when the rest of the city is asleep. How cool! A morning tour is focused more on sightseeing including witnessing the silence of the barren land at the edge of night. The rising sun fills your emptiness with tranquility when it’s initial rays fall over the Arabian dunes. However, you can enjoy falconry, camel ride, dune bashing, and other fun activities at campsite as well.

3.  Evening Desert Safari

The immense amount of recreational fun is familiar to all. An evening desert safari is an exclusive shot to sand excursions. It is best for people who

’ll never mind cuddling the whole day in sand. Visiting the dunes in the evening opens up the door to the chance to experience a myriad sunset in which the whole Arabian dunes take colors of the sun and reflect intensity. Evening tour is opted by a huge number of people because of its multiple benefits. Such as, its pocket friendly, they are subjected to multiple activities in 6 hours of span, no-stop sand adventures, sightseeing of beautiful sunset, and live entertainment with bonfire. A typical evening tour begins in the afternoon and continues till early hours of night thereby making it the best deal if you’re looking for an all in one visit.

4.  Overnight Desert Safari

Can’t take a blast of excitement for a few hours? Grab an overnight tour and go astray in for a little longer. An overnight expedition is a 9 hours of overwhelming pleasure which starts from late evening and continues till morning breakfast. The best thing about a night stay here is that you get a chance to witness both the sunset and sunrise. In a 4×4 dune dive over the high sand dunes makes your venture extra stirring. Dune bashing, ATV biking, and sandboarding at night allows action in the mild breeze that is safe from getting heat stroke or dehydration which happens during daytime excursions.

The BBQ and buffet where a variety of veg and non-veg eatery keeps you delighted. The campsite fun is notable where you can astonish over live shows portraying Arabian culture

5.  Private Desert Safari Tour

In a VIP desert safari, the visitors enjoy city-like luxuries disguised in tradition. It gets started with a pick in land cruiser or rover dropping the guests at the meeting point. The lavish private Bedouin themed lavish camps of folk Arabs are set with mastery. Here, you get VIP treatment in the cultural Majlis seating’s where smoking hookah and shisha are the recreational activities portraying a regal lifestyle of Sheikhs. 40 minutes of dune bashing and other sand sports which give people an adrenaline-rush that they never want to stop. Celebrate your holidays by luxurious means with free and unlimited access coffee, tea, and snacks available in the camp.

Live entertainment including Tanoura dance, fire show, and belly dance along with henna imprints and Arabian attiring are the means of welcoming the guests of Dubai’s heritage landmark.


Desert safari Dubai is a diverse land to be discovered far and wide if the visitor is a traveler by heart. It’s not just a paradise for travel and wildlife enthusiasts, but also for a bunch of friends and families due to its unique entertainment resources.

Whether you choose to view the spellbound sunrise or go for an evening expedition to get colored into the ecstatic hues of sunset. Or just want to enjoy stargazing at night, desert safari Dubai is at its top glory no matter whatsoever time you step into its vicinity. Just keep an eye on the few pro tips mentioned in the start and you are all ready to create an epic sand story!

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