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Cloud Hosting Is Crucial for Magento E-Commerce Stores

Running an online company entails a significant amount of responsibility. The owner and retailer of an E-Commerce store built on the Magneto platform will take advantage of the many benefits that this architecture offers. Apart from its extensive features and functionalities, however, finding the right hosting partner for the store’s good execution is a real challenge for most sellers. Making the wrong decision will lead to unwelcome consequences, as well as have an effect on your SERP ranking.

This is why a Magento developer in Sydney recommends cloud hosting, which has grown in popularity as a viable option for Magento store hosting. The Magento host should ideally provide unique features such as versatility, protection, and scalability. Magento now powers about a third of all e-commerce websites worldwide. Although it effectively manages all facets of the online store, “Cloudways’” cloud technology has a direct impact on the company.

Some of the most significant advantages of using Magento cloud hosting for online stores are mentioned below.

1. Extremely scalable

This feature’s elasticity is referred to as scalability. The issue is whether the company’s growth would be aided by the cloud hosting service. Is it capable of handling all of the data while still growing? Some of the merchants have large stores that see a lot of foot traffic almost every day, particularly when there’s a new product launch or something similar. As a result, if one uses a cloud-based service rather than hardware, one can get a lot of assistance during these promotional events. The servers can be easily managed and upgraded, and once the event is done, they can be downgraded on their own.

2. Increased safety

Another essential requirement is security. Any store or business owner would like to have less risks. The cloud service offers more robust security capabilities than any other hosting company. It is understandable that people will want to shield their data from leaks, so it is a major concern. This is why cloud storage is the best choice in terms of improved security. The data protection requirements have been met. There is no need to be concerned about data loss. Magento’s hosting server performs frequent backups to ensure the data is not lost but rather restored. Data can be found in various remote locations, allowing the business owner to be more relaxed.

3. Handling the cache

The Magento cloud hosting server simplifies cache management, resulting in faster website performance. This issue is professionally solved with cloud hosting. It manages the cache on the server side, allowing the store to operate more efficiently by increasing its speed. This is accomplished by supplying the owner with Redis, Memcached, Varnish, and other similar tools. However, they should be configured on the server side.

4. Affordability

When it comes to Magento store cloud, price is a major consideration. Purchasing separate hardware and bandwidth may be prohibitively expensive. As a result, a cloud-based hosting server saves nearly 80% of the costs associated with a typical E-Commerce deployment.

Magento Cloudways has a number of noteworthy features that aid in the growth and expansion of an E-Commerce store.

  • Multiple cloud providers – AWS, Vultr, Kyup, DigitalOcean, and Google Compute Engine GCE are just a few of the well-known cloud providers.
  • Thunderstack – This is a multi-store, friendly stack that gives your Magento 2 migration services  store lightning-fast speed. It ensures that the online store’s success and results are exceptional.
  • Multiple One-Click Operations – This hosting allows users to handle cloud servers and applications with ease, thanks to a feature-rich console. With a single click, several tasks can be completed. As a result, the implementation process is sped up.
  • Auto-Scalable – It has the ability to scale the resources as required. By choosing the server size and then installing it, one can easily fulfil the store’s hardware requirements.
  • Third-party integration – GitHub provides a simple way to connect to Cloudways. While there are other workflow implementation tools available, this feature allows developers to implement third-party integration in their applications.

Cloudways promises unrivalled protection for the Magento online store with their controlled server security. It is also fully integrated, thanks to the multi-layered approach to security. Daily security updates are also given.


Jonathan Paul is an accomplished Magento Developer in US, where he works for PHP Programmers, folio3 is leading software development firm.

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