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How to choose the best Garden Planters online in India

Trees and greenery have the power to turn even the most mundane, boring, colourless places into aesthetic places where beauty and peace unfolds. While everyone loves planting, it is equally or even more important to choose the right planters for your plant. There are several factors that have to be kept in mind while choosing the perfect planter- the size, the width, the colour, design everything has to be taken into consideration. If you are looking for garden planters online in India, you are at the right place. Since its establishment in 2018, Bonasila designer garden planters has reached 15 states of India and 5 countries across the world, with 25 designs in more than 80 sizes that are available in 12 matt and gloss colours as well as 2 texture finishes. 

Choosing the plant

The first step in this process is choosing a plant. You have to decide whether you want a flowering or a non-flowering plant. Other than this, according to the sunlight exposure in your garden, you must choose the plant. Some plants require only a few hours of sunlight while other plants require sunlight for the entire day. Some plants require regular watering while others require watering to be done only once in 2-3 days. Choose the plants according to all these factors before you browse for garden planters online in India.

Size of the planter

Seed packets often come with indications about sizes. If not, the best way to determine is to understand how tall your plant is going to grow. The taller it grows, the more space it will require both in terms of length and diameter. Vegetables and flowering plants, as well as leafy plants, grow well in large fiberglass planters. You can also ask the person at your nursery to suggest a planter size when you buy plants from him. If nothing, just see the current size of the plant you are choosing and research about its growth tendency and accordingly choose the size. For instance, medium-sized planters should be alright for small to medium-sized plants and so on.

Choosing the color and design

Choosing the colour and design is very essential. For a good aesthetic appeal, it is essential that you choose designs that go well with your existing decor. Be it the selection of colours or shapes, both have a great impact on the appeal. Designer garden planters by Bonasila are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. We have designer garden planters like Escon, Conza, Atia, Gracili etc. that are complex geometric shapes. If you have an edgy furniture design at your home or office, you can go for planters like Marlos, Minelo, Pento, Remino, etc. For a furniture design with smooth, rounded edges, planters like Orino, Ovalio, Torta or Vonny can fit perfectly fine. Next, when it comes to colours you can either choose colours that match, say for example with your sofa set or your bed. You can also choose colours that go in stark contrast to your existing decor. This will help create a contemporary look for your decor. Bonasila’s range has colour options for everyone. From dark to light, traditional to contemporary colours, we have it all.

Choosing the right soil mix

Choosing the right Soil Mix is very essential after you have picked your garden planters online in India. Using just plain soil can make your planter very heavy and can reduce its ease of mobility. In order to ensure that your planters are easily mobile, you can use a combination soil mix that can have equal proportions of soil, vermicompost and cocopeat. This special soil mix will not only enhance the growth of your plant but will also reduce the weight of your planter which will bring easy mobility and rearrangements will be easier.

Drainage Holes

Make sure your pot contains a drainage hole or if it doesn’t, you’re able to drill a hole in it. This task might seem like a no-brainer since it is a minor aspect. But remember, this is a small yet significant task. Avoid putting saucers unless you don’t care about water overflowing onto surfaces, standing water can attract mosquitoes.

Benefits of FRP Planters

While there are various material options when it comes to planters, fibreglass planters come with their own set of benefits. FRP planters are lightweight, stylish looking, water-resistant, frost resistant and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor. Bonasila has the most elaborate range for garden planters online in India. We use our design intelligence to blend creativity with functionality. Our FRP planters can be used for both outdoor and indoor placements. Designer planters by Bonasila are a beautiful amalgamation of charm and durability. They give your places the aesthetics and regal feel that they deserve. For those who seek perfection, for those who seek beauty, for those who seek aesthetics, for those who seek minimalism, for those who choose not to compromise when it comes to design, Bonasila planters are like a heavenly boon. Our designer planters are like a modish meal for those décor lovers who share a seemingly endless appetite for classy sophistication. A class-apart decor plan deserves a classy planter arrangement. For spaces that you own, be it indoor or outdoor, we know you do not compromise. For a beautiful porch that fashions a beautiful sitting area or for a rooftop garden that demands aesthetics, an exquisite plant setting is a must. Bonasila planters never go out of style no matter what arrangement you are looking to have.


Repotting is good for your plant. Do it! Repotting gives your plant a fresh mix to grow in. Not only will repotting help your plant sustain its current size, but it will also help the plant get bigger and fuller in size. It is interesting to note that repotting doesn’t only mean switching to larger pot size. It also matters, you can choose garden planters online in India from Bonasila’s website.

All things said and done, you have chosen the perfect plant, the perfect planter, the right kind of soil mix, taking all the care, what else? Treat your plants as if you were to treat anything else that is dear to you. Talk to them, play music around them, pamper them and see how even if you are doing any step of the process wrong, your plants will still bloom, shine and grow wide and tall! 

Planting is relaxation, it is a refreshing activity. Even if you are not an avid gardener and you’re doing this for the first time, you need not worry. You will learn as you go, some plants might dry out, some might need more care than you would have expected but there’s nothing to lose. Try your hands at gardening because the joy of growing a plant and seeing it blossom in front of you is something beyond expression.

If you are looking to buy just the right planters for your garden, Bonasila has garden planters for sale on its website. All you have to do is just fill the inquiry form on the respective planter pages or simply give us a call on 8511347477.

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