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Single Entry Access To Inter-company Accounting Gives Sovereignty To Grow

No wonder IT Staffing owners face hassles in managing their inter-company accounting as their focus would be mostly driven towards business growth, while managing all consultants at one place. Recording and retrieving financial transactions between different entities is becoming a significant issue for many business owners. 

When IT staffing firms expand their footprints, there would be an occurrence of spiralling no. of inter-company transactions, which could seriously impact financial risks, and create compliance issues, restatement risks and fines imposed. 

Understanding the pulse of inter-company and consolidating related accounts requires detailed information & analytical hub. As the volume grows, the spreadsheet usage increases and likewise the complexity. Managing intercompany transactions manually would be not only costly but also labour-intensive. 

Reconciling a large volume of financial data causes errors and limits visibility, causing lower accountability.

Intercompany reconciliation software

It mitigate the risks associated and lets the user automatically generate combined financial statements, profit and loss statements, balance sheets etc.

Entering intra-corporate transactions such as bill transfer, funds, debit memo transfers and ICFA Ledger tracking in fact become seamless from an accounting platform. Managing multiple entities and corporations become easy on a single platform, with a one-time access. 

Like many IT Staffing companies, you and your accountants must be investing enormous amounts of time and draining valuable time and treasury resources working around intercompany accounting traditional ways. 

As per audit analysis, the inter-company issue was listed as the 5th highest reason for companies to experience challenges inclined to restatement, and compliance issues. 

Nimble Staffing centralizes intercompany accounting and allows the user to reduce risk, complexity by enabling single login for a group of companies, making it hassle-free to manage multiple things at one place. Right from generating combined financial statements to processing intercompany transfer – Everything at a go!

Intercompany transactions accounting

It is managed really well from an intuitive dashboard, and the entire process becomes streamlined. There would be accurate financial closures, no more bottlenecks as integrations enabled within the system. 

Most importantly, as well known consultants play an asset role in IT staffing business so a system like Nimble Staffing empowers the business owners in managing consultants at one place. Creating, approving, reviewing and reconciling intercompany transactions become real-time, elevating greater levels of efficiency, financial transparency.

Switching between the intercompany accounts and their reconciliation from system to the other is as complex as hard battle. Acquiring access to all entities from a single screen with a common dashboard with drill-down capability is possible with an accounting software precisely designed for IT Staffing businesses. 

Likewise, the profitability forecast is yet another best intercompany accounting best practices so relying on an insightful system – One can view his/her projected earnings and upcoming projects, based on the available info.

That’s how you will get to know the approximate net margin on an individual consultant before the project even starts. Besides, the complete analysis on upcoming and current placements can be done. 

An accounting software for IT Staffing companies lets the user to capture time-sheets in an effective manner, and in Nimble – We get notified with the reminders on pending time-sheets of consultants, hourly tracking becomes effortless, and capturing time-sheets get automated.

With time-sheet hours captured, raising invoices become automated, and time-sheets can be sent as attachments. 

Gaining insights on a KPI dashboard lets you arrest the revenue leakage, and business summary regarding banking, AP & AR and consultant wise details are accessible on the accounting system.

VISA expiry alerts, pending invoice notifications and project information is shown on real-time, with drill-down capabilities. Staying up-to-date on the compliance information is possible when an accounting platform is used, and in return the bench time period will be reduced. 

Nimble Staffing enables the user to create payroll entry and import the processed information for mapping, so the reports can be generated and get in handy. 

Furthermore, the 80+ financial reporting structure is accessed from a Nimble like system that lets you make the decisions better and empowers you to manage business well. 

And, an accounting system that leverages cloud secures your data and enables anytime anywhere access. 


You name it intercompany reconciliation software or an accounting software for IT Staffing companies, relying on a professional one makes a difference remarkably and delivers exceptional value to you and your accountants. And, you will not need to break heads over accounting rather can focus more on managing consultants better and grow your business. 

After doing an extensive research we found Nimble Staffing to be the most reliable and promising accounting software that has proven to be the best in the U.S.

Pricing aspect, functionality, modules and support are flawless, and with confidence we agree such tailored solutions rather than totally getting lost in generic platforms like quickbooks or zoho.

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