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Garage Door Doctor Ottawa – Problems and Fixes

Do you face problems related to your overhead more often? And you’re clueless about it? Instead of tackling it by you, don’t hesitate to call skilled technician of Garage door doctor ottawa According to an estimate of experts, most parking gates last for about 15-20 years. Additionally, it depends on its usage and also environment.

Often neglecting the cleaning, regular maintenance, and monthly checkups lead to some hidden but severe damages. 

And this is one of the things you can’t handle or let it be the way it is. Because this can arise security, life risks, injury, time, money, and other hazardous issues.

If you experience issues while opening and closing your overhead passage, before scheduling an appointment, please check out solutions to common problems we have provided down below.

Examine and Repair Automatic gate Problems

If you have enough knowledge about your overhead entry, this will make it easy for you to diagnose the issue. So, you may fix it on your own and don’t have to waste money.

Here are some most common issues that are making your entrance dysfunctional and their fixes.

Misaligned tracks

Sometimes heavy machinery or automobile passing by can damage the track of the parking entrance. As a result, the tracks get misaligned and you’ll face difficulty operating your automatic passage.

Moreover, certain gaps in rollers can distort the tracks. And, if you do not align them, the process of opening the entry can get dangerous for you.


You want to realign the tracks. Here’s what you need to do. First, loosen the screws and position the track with the frame. Then reshape it with a rubber mallet with gentle hits. Do the same with the other one too. Now tighten the screws again.

Hope this will work for you. But you don’t have to do it by yourself. It would be a wise decision to call in a professional of Garage door doctor Ottawa as they have tools and skills to realign and repair.

Transmitter Batteries Dead

This is one of the issues many overhead owners face. Not all the times parking gates should blame on. Sometimes your transmitters are not working.

In other cases, your neighbor is opening his parking entry with the same frequency as yours.

How to fix:

first, check out your transmitter. The batteries are dead. If so, go buy a new one. If not, then something has gone wrong with your transmitter. And you have to replace it. For this consult and check the manual of parking entrance. Every model has its specific transmitter. Better to hire a technician for this.

Broken Equipment

This one is the major one out of all. Due to excessive use and a moist environment, your automatic passage components can wear and tear. Timespan also matters. 

Your automatic entrance isn’t lifting enough because of worn-out springs, rusty roller, broken cables, or damaged opener.

Any damaged part will affect the function of the entrance and can prove dangerous if not repair on time.

Tip to fix:

The only thing you can do about them is – replace them. Doesn’t matter to how extent they have broken or damaged. This is going to get worse. Yet, the rusty roller can restore by lubrication. For replacing any equipment, you must have a deep understanding of it. Only then you will able to buy the right one. Perhaps, better to hire an expert for this, as dealing with such components is life-risking.

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