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Commercial Garage Door Repair Cost in 2021

Having problems while operating overhead gates? And you decide to restore it ASAP. But first, you want to know how much you have to spend henefeld garage doors provide a free cost estimate. So that you get a better idea and estimate before hiring a service.

Automatic gates are crucial and the main entryway for everyone these days. So if anything goes wrong with it can be risk-taking about your security and life.

So, if any repair is necessary, you should call in any best service in the area to do the job on time.

Cost depends on the type of gate and the problem. On average, a parking entrance rate ranges from $136 and $441.

In this article, we have discusses authentic pricing. This based on the homeowner’s cost survey that they filled after their project. We collect it and compile it to give you an estimate.

Automatic Door repair cost

To fix the issue of the automatic entrance, most services fee $70 to $1700. Again, depends on the type of problem your passage is going through. If the issue with it is worse like a broken panel, then the rate may vary.


When a panel gets broken, they usually don’t restore. The only option left is their replacement. The average cost of replacing it varies different depending on the material and model. 

You have to pay $50 to $1200 for excluding the labor pay. That is usually $200 to $500 depending on how professional he is and also the company name.

Pro tip- if you are going to spend this much on the panel. Why don’t you install a new automatic passage? That will charge you $700 to $1500. Henefeld garage doors deal with all kinds of installations with affordable pricing.


Usually, glass is not that expensive comparing to other parts. You only have to spend $15 to $50 depending on the glass quality. Only the labor payment will high. If you hire a professional, he will charge you $75 to $150.


If your overhead entry’s material is aluminum or steel, the dents are more likely to fix. And you have to spend only $100 to $200.

That’s why wooden gate restoration can be expensive. As in that case you have to replace the whole panel.

Overhead Door parts

Some components damaged to an extent, that instead of restoring them, emergency preferred.

To fix one, you may have to spend $80 to $500 excluding the labor.

Roller replacement

Rollers make the system operate on the tracks. If any of them get damaged, the passage can get dysfunctional. 

They usually price $80 to $180.

Spring replacement

Springs counterbalance the overhead gate. If one of them broke, the pressure has put on the other one leading the entrance to fall off.

Torsion is more expensive than the extension one.

Including the labor, you might have to pay $150 to $450.

Garage door cables

Cables attached to springs help to uplift the entry.

Their price is $90 to $150 and the payment will be $150.

Track alignment

To fix and align the off tracks, the service will charge you about $120 to $500.

Chain repair

Chains move the entry and can break over time. Their price is $15 to $50 and their restoration fee is $80 to $350.


Service charges $100 to $200 for basic maintenance of the parking gate. You should schedule an appointment at least two times a year.

commercial garage door repair have a well-trained team and quality tools. They provide restoration and installation with competitive pricing.

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