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Garage Door Extension Springs- Things to Consider

Doesn’t matter if you want to restore your whole overhead gate or only a few parts like rollers, any kind of springs, we got you. Here at garage door repair Pittsburgh, they offer full restoration service including all necessary parts and installation.

A proper working carport entryway is the essential part of your house. Sometimes, due to technical deformities, its parts get damaged leading to the dysfunctional gate.

Like torsion, extension one plays important role in balancing and working of passage. They are also called tension springs. They work by outspread strength during the drawing of spring from its intact size. 

Any damage to them can reduce the tension between panels, hence, stopping the gate from functioning.

Things to take into consideration

So one of them has damaged or broken and now you want to buy a new one. Better to consider these points while jumping to a conclusion.

Taking measurements

If you are going to select one, you have to collect precise information of three measurements for correct selection.

Entryway height- It is must to decide the kind you want for your carport entryway. Whatever the height of your carport entryway is, you have to buy according to that. So that it can stretch to help the opener during function.

Spring length- For this, remove them from entry. Then un-stretch them and compress the coils with a shaft. If they have broken, then count the number of coils.

Gate weight- Instead of using digital; grab an analog calculator for making measurements. For this, check which side of the helix has broken. Then slide the scale to the broken end of the entry and lift the other side to the same level. 

Measuring gate height is not an easy task. If you are facing difficulty while doing so, contact garage door repair Pittsburgh for this purpose.


Open looped- The easiest to replace as you will not need to open anything. If this one is break, you can complement a hook-on.

Double looped- they take more time while replacing because their ends are tougher. You will have to open pulleys and bolts.

Clipped ends- now they are sturdier than the above two. Usually, they attached to above many pounds heavy entryway. You’ll need an expert for the service.

How to buy?

At this point, you have enough information about extension helix, their types, how they work, and how to make measurements. The next step is to buy a new one. You will need the following things to consider before buying.

Entrance weight

Several websites provide free estimation and measurement tools to calculate the accurate weight of the gate and which spring will suit better. If you have information about it, you can demand the correct fit for you.

You’ll need to fill the tabs with length, weight, height, type, etc. according to your need and then add them to the cart for home delivery.

If you don’t want to order them online, you can seek a professional for this. as they will not only take measures but also repair your garage door extension springs.

Model number 

Every helix has a model number that also differentiates it from others. There are labels or stickers on them. You can seek the manufacturers for further details.

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