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Thank Your Pet Friend With Pet Paintings From Photos with Pawstro

Undoubtedly, there is something too powerful which draws people all over the world to adore their pets and love their company so much that even a minute without them is hard passed! Be it going for walks, playing or even just conversing, with them everything becomes just unified. No wonder that a pet attachment is beneficial to human wellbeing and also never ceases to aid in community building. Pets manage to put so much joy into our lives with almost no effort. They make us laugh, console us when we’re sick or upset, and are always there for us, no matter what we’re going through. 

There are endless benefits of having a pet around. You’ll be won over by the idea of slobbery kisses, a lifetime friend, and a personal cuddle buddy! You’ll need to think about what kind of pet will be the perfect choice for your lifestyle. Making a decision based on your level of commitment should help you figure out what kind of pet would better suit your lifestyle and goals. While there is no one-size-fits-all pet for anyone, there are many beautiful reasons to own a pet.

Dogs and cats provide companionship and understanding to their owners along with companionship, empathy, and an unbreakable bond of love that cannot be found anywhere else. Other pets such as birds, fish, and reptiles, add structure and meaning to an owner’s everyday life by making them follow a proper pet-care routine. For pet owners who are looking for a sense of intent in life, the everyday routine of looking after a pet can be very rewarding. To get a glimpse of your little pet buddy even in their absence, you can get pet paintings from photos done and feel loved and protected. 

Here’s to all the best pet parents in this entire world, it’s time to get you and your pooch a painted treat! A pet portrait painting!

It is an obvious fact that pets are more than just animals. They’re family members. They have distinct personalities that enrich our lives with immense love. In return, we also love them unconditionally. It should not be too difficult to express our creative admiration for our furry mates, given that we don’t think twice when it comes to displaying paintings of ourselves and our loved ones around us! 

Many people possess pet portraits as a way to remember their beloved pets that have passed away. Others simply appreciate having one-of-a-kind, customized artwork in their homes. There are tons of reasons to get one done for your non-complaining friend as a huge mark of respect. Listing a few:

The easiest way to launch a conversation:

Your pets become an integral part of your life, attending birthday parties, family vacations, and sharing innumerable moments in between. All of these experiences become beautiful stories that you will naturally want to share. You can do this by getting pet paintings from photos. When someone asks, “Who’s the cute dog in the portrait?” your favorite part of the day will be when you get to share your stories all over again and again! 

To remember them your way:

Did your dog/ cat make a funny face when he was sleeping? Is he/she marked in some way that distinguishes him/her? Perhaps they have a one-of-a-kind personality. Get your pet pals to pose in a way that emphasizes your favorite characteristics and photograph them and get a pet oil painting done so you can recognize them exactly as you wish them to be! 

Memorializes and speaks stories:

Portraits are made to tell a story as well as memorialize their subjects. You should expect a wonderful story from a good artist’s work on your pet’s portrait. A skilled group of artisans like that of Pawstro will give a fairer glimpse of your pet. You can ask us to create pet paintings from photos by taking themed images of your pet to best reflect their personality, such as photos of their favorite toys or positioning your pet in their favorite sleeping spot. All of this would add to the overall theme of your pet’s portrait.

Finding the right shapes, textures, angles, composition, and color for pet portraits with stories is a challenge for any artist. Well, Pawstro accepts all these challenges and promises you a perfect pet art! The next step is all about deciding if your pet should be alone or blended into the context, so the portrait’s location stands crucial.

Recalling their unspoken teachings

“People who teach about humanity aren’t human.” Pets also teach their owners about selflessness in a way that no one else can. When pet owners form a close bond with their beloved little ones, they will go to great lengths to assist them when they are hungry or need medical care. As humans, we recognize that our pets’ very life is in our hands. Having a pet teaches us responsibility. To get a daily reminder of these priceless teachings isn’t it a wonderful idea to get a pet portrait painting hung on our walls? 

Confused about getting a digital art done? 

Digital art signifies a story as magnificently as a traditional art form. Additionally, by also correcting certain errors while getting snapped or storing the pictures. With Pawstro’s digital pet portraits you can portray your purr-ball or pup’s personality by choosing the ideal style, which ranges from the visible, movement-filled brushstrokes of our in-house artists with some bright or catchy colors of pop art! 

What other varieties? 

When you think of a pet portrait, you probably see a pet oil painting or simply a drawing hanging on a wall in a gilded frame. This is a lovely choice, but it isn’t your only option when it comes to getting them done! You can get a soft copy of your pet’s digital painting and get them printed on mugs, wallpapers, t-shirts, phone covers, pillow, sheets etc. and keep the treasured memory alive at any place or moment! 

Why Pawstro?

You don’t have to think about the art’s consistency when it comes to getting some stunning custom pet portraits, simply leave it to Pawstro! All you have to do is choose the most adorable photo of your pet (in HD) and send it to us. You can mail it at or through our social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook (@pawstroofficial). You may also contact us on +91 9054719872 and place the order.

The typical size range for our pet portraits on canvas is 12” x 14′. You can also get up to three revisions for free. The file will be available in two formats: PNG and JPEG. These pet portraits will be printed on an “archival canvas,” which will be shipped, neatly framed. Grab them now! Join us on our journey as we paint memories, affection, pleasure, passion and beauty with Pawstro!

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