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Read This before Replacing Garage Door Springs Edmonton

When you are faced with the issues of your carport entryway and want to fix them professionally. Seek the help of garage door springs Edmonton pros to get it done today.

We all know that springs play an important role in counterbalancing the gate. If one of them breaks, it puts pressure on another one, resulting in the fail entrance. Your car is stuck overhead and you can’t attend the office.

In this post, we’ll inform you about the reasons for their breakage and what are ways you can attempt to change them.

Why do springs break?

There are many reasons but the most certain ones are these;

Wear & tear

As they help in the uplifting process of the gate. This leads to their wear and tear over time. This also affects by its lifetime. Like, most of them customize to 10,000 cycles. And almost 2 cycles are complete in one day. Due to excessive use, they can wear out and make the entrance fall off.


Another reason for their breakage is the severe damage caused by corrosion. As they are consist of metal that corrode due to rust formation. Not greasing them enough, moist climates can be a reason too.

Improper maintenance

This not only limits to springs but goes for all parts. Steady maintenance and care can enhance the lifespan of anything. They may eventually break causing your entry to fail to work. That will lead to an imbalance form. Having Garage Door Repair Markham monthly inspection visit can help you extend its life by keeping it in better working condition.

Things to know before replacement


Whenever you get ready to either replace them on your own or through a professional, you must have the basic knowledge about it. As you already know their function. But different types of them have a distinctive operation.

Torsion – based on size and weight of entryway, they are usually two to four. They are present on the metal shaft just above the opening. They attach to an aluminum drum along with a metal shaft creating tension. They can be

  • Standard
  • Early set
  • Steel rolling
  • Torque master

Extension – opposite to another type, they are long and thin in appearance. They place over horizontal tracks in a parallel fashion. They usually store tension and extend and contract while moving. 

  • Open looped
  • Double looped
  • Clipped end

Buy online/manufacturer

Nowadays, there are many useful manufacturers’ websites that offer free measurements of your desired component. So if you are willing to buy online, you can go on that site, fill some boxes of information about the previous one, and can get the customized product. Go to the hardware store and with experts’ help, can pick the right one.


They only work well when you exactly know how to do a certain task. It’s not like watching a video project and you are an expert now. Safety and injury issues may arise. If you hire professionals from Garage Door Repair Markham, the replacement cost will be 200$ to 300$. While a DIY can cost you $30 – $100. And they don’t come with a safety guarantee and satisfactory results. As the helix is heavy and complex to deal with, leave them on professionals.

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