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Do This When Your Garage Door Slams Shut

If the slamming starts to happen more often, it becomes annoying. But it’s something that can resolve easily after figuring it out. But try to fix it immediately because these your garage door slams shut due to significant reasons that can lead to the worst damages if not treated well. 

Now, this can happen either due to opened windows from where the air comes in or the family members are closing it with more force. But if you notice that even on gentle touch, it smashes with a loud noise; there can be something wrong with the components.

Read this article to get to know about the reasons behind your malfunctioning gate and what you can do to get it right.

Common causes of doorway slamming

  • Broken springs

Spring and cables work together to counterbalance the overhead gate. They also help in the uplifting process. Due to excessive use and under high pressure, they start to wear out over time. This can lead to the breakage of one of them that will eventually put pressure on the other. This causes the slamming movements at first and then fall off the entrance. 

The only thing in regards to this you can do is replace them.

  • High close force setting

Force settings are involved in establishing the energy level required for operating the entryway. But when you fix the automatic opener on a high close force setting, this can result in smashing movements of the gate.

Quick ways to quiet it

There are some ways through which you can sort out the issue. But if you don’t want to do it yourself, then contact the southwest garage door of Houston to repair it at affordable pricing. 

  1. Slide in a doorstop

So many people like to let their carport entryway open. But hates the annoying crash sounds. If you are one of them, get a doorstop. Take a decorative doorstop and slide it underneath the doorway.

  1. Check the hinges

With poor maintenance and neglect, hinges are worn out and eventually break. For this put a level opposite to latch after opening the doorway 90 degrees apart. Next check the condition of the hinges. If they are loose, tighten the screws. But if they have worn out, then replace them

  1. Use felt pads

You can try out self-sticking felt pads if the problem does not sort out even after tightening the hinges. Stick two of them at the top and bottom of the entrance, and the other two at the top and bottom of the frame. This will act as a cushion and slow down and prevent the garage door slams shut.

  1. Replace weather stripping

Weatherstripping performs numerous roles in your carport entryway. It prevents the outdoor air to enter. It also keeps the moisture and insects from seeping inside. So for heavy entryways, you can professionally install new weather stripping and muffle the sounds.

  1. Try a pneumatic closer

Another way to keep your overhead gate from slamming is to install a pneumatic closer. These are the devices that work on air-powered. They are filled in with air inside pistons. You can put them on the edges and frames of the doorway. This will let the entryway swing slow and close. 

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