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How to Avoid Big Mistakes in Bike packing and Get More Fun?

Social media is the platform that is full of the stories of the big unavoidable mistakes. And these mistakes are the biggest hurdles in your simple and entertainment affairs which convert in more stress opposite of your need. You are a bike riding lover and first of all, you need to wear sports sunglasses that is the first rule of safety. But due to human nature, there are plenty of dumb options throughout bikepack adventures.

Keep remembering that your backpack should be simple and lightweight. And there should be necessary equipment like a pedal, eat, and rest. But besides, you need to make your own choices from your planning to execution. Through all these things you need to learn whether you need to spend your time will full of smiling or only to curse what you have loaded with you.

Don’t fret, you are lucky and be happy because this post will save you from all hassle to learn through your own errors and trials. And all is about the biggest mistake in the bag packing and you must avoid all these mistakes. Keep your bag full of simple and important things and don’t need to burden yourself while bike riding.

If you are completely new in the field of packing, first of all, you need to understand the difference between bikepacking and touring. But most people mix the gears of two different places and destinations.

Bikepacking vs touring bike:

Deciding which bike is perfect for bikepacking is an important decision because it is based on the kind of riding that you are planning. The universal fixture of the latest bike-packing bags means everything is present in the bag that you need.

Besides, touring bikes are more high-quality and have features with certain designs that are exactly related to the style of riding. Geometry design is more stable and when you carry more loads over, it provides you comfortable riding for plenty of days in the burden. The fitments and frame construction also reflect this because frame designed helps for extra weight.

Besides, the touring frame has more consideration for mudguard mounts and extra bottles. So, for road bikepacking setup, it should be more optimized for lightweight wheels, speed, drop bars, and fast-rolling tires provide you more efficient and aggressive riding position.

Over preparation for your day:

For bikepacking concerning, time management is an important factor. Everything takes enough time to plan than your expectations. Therefore, when you are surveying your routes, be more realistic and exact figure out how much distance you can cover.

Well, it is absolutely hard to identify exactly why things become too long but it is true. You don’t have even full control over some features like the weight of the bike and route difficulties. But some other things are also out of your approach like severe weather situations or down trees because of the latest storm.

So, over-preparation, before the day can save you from other expected mistakes like biking through off-route, which can make you exhausted. Or the location of the camp in the dark where you cannot see, not enough rest and get recovery before to start for the next day.

Planning your day with a realistic approach will make it possible to keep your head cool. And you just focus on your enjoyment in the outdoor adventure. Keep your prescription safety glasses with your luggage on top of the bag because you need to wear them when you would start riding.

Too much load:

Carrying less weight makes you stress-free in handling and organizing. Besides, it makes you more efficient while moving because heavyweight makes you less stable when you are fighting with uneven ground. Therefore, bring that lad with you what you required for your travel.

First of all, make a list of all needy things that you are required to hold back. And then cross out those items from the list that are making sense in your tour. Do you require any kind of entertainment while sleeping when you would be horizontal? Is a kettle necessary for you if you have a small pot with you?

View all things in your list and arrange them all, you would immediately point out some things that you may not require. Now, it’s, time to pack all things from a list in your bag. Does your bag accommodate all things? If ok, then you are absolutely done.  In case of overburdening your bag, cut out some things if you can live without them.

Although, it is hard to cut things and to consider which item you have to use more than one time. Some people even sleep with those clothes with which they were riding to make the bag more lightweight. So, you need to consider are all items lighter and making a compact version of all things you are bringing with you.  

Never skip the physicality of bikepacking, leave extra space for food and ensure that you are easily approaching water. Besides, you need to pack a waterproof jacket on top of your bag so that you don’t need to empty your bag to find your necessary things. Things you need to use many times, make place them on the top of the bag. And the things that have less need, keep them in the bottom of your bag space.

Besides, you need to ensure that you can easily ride your bike with your all load. Check out your frame bags as your need and make sure your bag has a secured attachment before investing anyone.

Eat less:

Food is your fuel, and you need a lot to move on.  Some popular athletes drink cream and fries from their tube bags. But don’t underestimate any food which you take with you, and it depends on you while riding. You can burn approximately 1000 calories per hour.

When you are riding, you would be exhausted very soon, and you are unable to carry on. And you know very well, this is the last thing that may require to pack in the last while packing in the bag. Keep food on the top of your bag for easy access because you need to consume this food at regular intervals. Besides, you need a proper meal while riding.

Water is important and needs enough when you need to refill yourself and make a plan for ahead when you need it on the top. It is worth making the possibility to get stream water if filter water is not in your approach.

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