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How to take care of your fancy glasses?

Congratulations on your new pair of fancy glasses! Congratulations on reading up on how to care for your present eyeglasses if you’re a seasoned eyeglass wearer. Because you spent so much time picking the perfect model, colour, style, and fit for you, it’s a good idea to protect your investment by following a few basic tips to keep your eyewear looking sharp for years to come.

Cleaning your fancy glasses at least once a day is recommended, but why not start by washing your hands? Hands can contain a lot of filth and bacteria, which can easily migrate to your expensive eyeglasses, and then, who knows, maybe elsewhere. Now that your mitts are clean, let’s look at how to properly clean your glasses. The “bridge,” the thin arching component that binds the two lenses together, is the most solid part of any eyewear, therefore manage your face companions from this point to avoid any accidents or bending and twisting of the frame.


Fill your glasses with water and rinse them thoroughly. This aids in the removal of undetectable micro dust and dirt particles that settle on your glasses. If you attempt to wipe or clean before doing this crucial step, you risk causing abrasive lens damage.


If you’re going to use a cleaning solution, be sure it’s one that’s developed to safely clean eyewear. There are numerous products available; simply check the label to ensure that the one you choose is alkaline-free. A drop of a gentle, perfume-free dishwashing liquid can be used in a pinch.

Remove any smudges, dirt, and debris by gently rubbing in a circular motion (soft friction). Before rinsing completely, don’t forget to clean the corners, bridge, temples, and nose parts.


After you’ve washed your glasses, make sure they’re completely dry. This will keep them in excellent condition and prevent any foreign matter from getting onto your lenses. Wipe them down with a lens cloth that is soft, clean, and lint-free. This will keep water stains off of the lenses and rust off of the frame’s parts at bay.

When it comes to lint-free lens cloths…

When you’re not using your glasses, keep them in their case to keep them clean and safe from damage. If you want something a little spunkier while doing something socially and environmentally helpful or fostering cultural diversity, you can visit our store.

Some important tips

  • Before wiping or cleaning your glasses, always rinse them with water. Even the tiniest dust or dirt particles can collect on your lens, and wiping them around on a dry lens can be irritating.
  • If you must use a chemical, choose for sprays or cleansers designed exclusively for cleaning eyeglass lenses. Never use household cleaners like Windex on your lenses since they contain ammonia, which will rip off any coating on the lens.
  • Allow your glasses to air dry if possible. Another fantastic technique to protect any materials from getting on your lens is to use this method. If you can’t let them air dry, use a soft, clean, lint-free cloth to wipe them down.
  • Never dry your lenses with paper towels, tissues, or napkins. Regardless of how gentle they are on your skin; all of these materials have a rough surface that can easily scratch your lenses.
  • Prevent from using your shirt’s tail. If your clothes aren’t 100 percent cotton, the fibers in the fabric will scratch your glasses’ lenses over time. Dirt may be present on the garment, resulting in residue being transmitted to your lenses.
  • Grip the component that crosses the bridge of your nose to keep your frames in place. This will prevent you from bending the frame when cleaning. The way you see out of your glasses can be harmed by bent glasses. Furthermore, if your frames are twisted out of shape, they will be more uncomfortable.
  • When you’re not wearing your spectacles, put them away. This is an excellent way to keep dust and debris off of your glasses while also protecting them from being scratched, bent, or destroyed.
  • Sleeker cases are available if you don’t want a huge, bulky case. Microfiber bags are also useful for glasses that aren’t worn all the time, such as reading glasses, and can be kept at your workplace desk or on your nightstand.
  • Do not place your glasses lens on the ground. Scratched lenses are a foregone conclusion.
  • Washing your glasses at least once a day will maintain them in good condition. The less your eyes have to struggle to see through smudges, dirt, and dust, the better.

Isn’t it wonderful to have clean glasses?

Here is a list of things NOT TO DO:

  • Place the lens of your eyeglasses on the ground. Scratches are a foregone conclusion.
  • Cleaning your lenses and frames with harsh household cleansers (like as Windex!) or chemical solvents will eat away at any unique coatings.
  • To dry or clean your lenses, use paper towels, facial tissues, T-shirts, and shirt tails, among other things. Their textured fibers may feel soft, but they’re a massive abrasive no-no for your lenses.
  • When not in use, leave your eyeglasses out in direct sunshine or in excessive temperatures (no more putting them on the dash of your car when parked).
  • Raise your fancy glasses to your brow. Yes, stretching your temples too wide and affecting the overall fit can be a wonderful fashion appearance and perfect for keeping any hair out of your face, but it is a formula for catastrophe.

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