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Stay abreast of your Consultant’s compliance to head off pitfalls

By and large, compliance is something which is integral in IT Staffing business but many don’t understand the fact and stay loose on it and it costs fortune. Oftentimes ‘compliance’ is viewed as an evil that hinders businesses, but in fact it’s essential to succeed. Acquiring strong compliance system to run LCA/GC & LCA/YTD reports is a must, which needs to be an ongoing routine, monthly and yearly. 

It has become common that staffing companies miss an eye on compliance and experience economic damage in large scale. If you’re also the one amongst, then get on your feet and keep up-to-date with your consultants travel compliance info. For which, you need to stay abreast of Form I-94 (Arrival/Departure History), H-1 B VISA renewals or file extensions, and adhere to the regulatory changes and ever-changing employment laws ‘It’s all compulsory’. Or else, you’ll be the cause for your consultants to stay legally in the U.S. and that makes them to merely breathe.

Let’s take an instance! There was a situation which happened with Steve who used to work with Dell Company for about eleven years, in which 8 years for offshore in India and 3 years in the U.S.

During the process, the IT staffing firm applied for Steve’s H-1 B VISA extension without realizing the fact that I-94 was going to expire on 12th of December, for which the USCIS – United States Citizenship & Immigration Services denied it on 7th of December. That’s the misfortune!

Within a short time-period, it’s just impossible to file for an extension again, and eventually Steve’s stay had become illegal and plunge him to return back to India. 

It’s a well-known fact that, there’s a minimum of 14-20 days timeframe a must for filing extension processing, in which the staffing agency missed it all in the situation of Steve and Dell couldn’t stay in full compliance and overlooked the admission terms.

Plan Advance: Avoid Compliance Surprises

Typically, IT Staffing owners, and accountants invest a lot of time and money in their compliance right. It’s always ideal to view and match the monthly and yearly reports and compare reports between LCA/GS and LCA/YTD; if something goes wrong amidst audit time, you got to stay prepared and get the things done in the right time with utmost accuracy. 

U.S. Department of Labour (DOL) investigation doesn’t spare a single number going up or down, even you must be notified on VISA expiries, Travel & Departure Filing and Immigrant Petitions. 

Nimble Staffing’s like accounting software expertise could be the only source for businesses to stay comply with LCA/GC regulation, but quickbooks online won’t serve the purpose. 

Neither microsoft accounting nor free accounting software is going to help you in complying with the regulations. Nimble lets you enter LCA details for the respective consultants adhering to the GS or state-wise within the employment info section. After then, as an owner one can view monthly & yearly reports customized between LCA/GC and LCA & YTD.

These reports helps you avoid I-140 rejections, and evades unnecessary audits which otherwise result in paying penalties.

Nimble Staffing even lets you stay alert on VISA expiries, altogether you’ll explore the most simplified and automated way to stay up-to-date & comply with regulations.

When you have a better compliance in place, the bench period of you consultants will also be reduced. Nimble lets you manage you consultant’s minimum wage limit within few clicks on an intuitive dashboard, which enabling a comprehensive view on past compliance history as per the state worked in.

Ready to get started and stay compliant?

Contact the Nimble’s expert team – Email: | Phone: +1-866-964-6253


Besides Nimble Staffing’s Consultant Center lets you manage all your consultants information at one place, irrespective of the employment type (W2, C2C, 1099). Place them on a new project, process their timesheets, drill-down individual profitability, raise invoices and view active & inactive status – Everything at one place!

Easily you can view the previous transaction history, outstanding reports so the uninvited issues are avoided. 

Basically, you will have a track of all happenings and gain the streamlined momentum in you business, so you can focus more on enlarging the portfolio.

You’ll arrest the revenue leakage and increase profits by partnering with Nimble Staffing. Embrace the automation and intelligence to see accurate accounting numbers and finances, while witnessing improvement in productivity. 

No matter, you are flying or travelling in a train, Nimble lets you gain quick access from a single screen to have a pulse of everything from anywhere at any time. 

By which, you will evade the paperwork and expensive record keeping process – Move away from the age-old routine and generic accounting software for small business. Switch to Nimble Staffing and witness difference. 

Do the smart work, not the hard work!

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