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Banish all your Hotel Accounting Nightmare & Stay Organized

In the hospitality industry, there were many instances business owners finch where the term ‘accounting’ is mentioned. But, it’s an undeniable fact that accounting plays an integral part in the hotel business, but yeah hoteliers have a hard time understanding it and causes chaotic situation.

If you’re also the one amongst, continually stressing on it will take you nowhere other than losing money, taxation season becoming nightmare, facing audit pressures, misplacing budgets, and ending up in hindered business growth.

In the modern day’s technology world, the cloud computing has revolutionized the way hotel businesses organize and manage every stage of the accounting process, right from daily sales management to accounts payable processing, reporting to budgeting, and even gaining intelligent insights for better decision making. 

Nimble Property stands out be a top-notch hotel accounting software, renowned to be more efficient, affordable and hassle-free to bring in light into the financial transparency, leading towards growth through automation and integration of advanced level.

Embrace Hotel Accounting Automation 

Regardless of business size, automating repetitive accounting tasks in a hotel is a great way to streamline the operations. Nimble, being a best-in-class automated hotel accounting software it does the job for you and your accountants, managers so more focus can be shifted on other pressing issues that can be transformed into lot smoother and bring in phenomenal returns.

Gateway to manage all your properties at one place 

Nimble, as a proficient multiproperty management system offers you to access an intuitive dashboard from a single login, where in all your properties’ financial information is listed. You can generate combined reports and handle inter-company transactions ‘on-the-go’.

Centralize your hotel group finances, and monitor all your happenings from one place without needing to login to multiple systems which used to consume an enormous amount of time.

/Users/shashidhark/Downloads/Multi – Property Management.png

Experience automation in AP processing

Facing challenges in managing your vendor bills? Reduce your accounts payable processing time by 80% with Nimble Property ‘multiproperty hotel accounting software’. Leveraging AI, Nimble lets you automate your entire Accounts Payable process with bill automation and enables multi-level approval.

Say goodbye to all that paperwork and complex manual tasks which are slowing down your hotel business and costing you fortune.

/Users/shashidhark/Downloads/Accounts Payable Automation (1).png

Besides, hotel budgeting and forecasting software lets you connect your bank accounts easily to download & compare transaction feeds automatically. Minimize your accounting hours associated with your hotel business payments and stay ease with receipt collections. 

Nimble lets you simplify your inventory management by tracking and forecasting in a smarter way based on the room occupation, that’s how you boost your hotel’s profitability, while maintaining balanced stock levels by month-end.

Hotel accounting automation enabled software Nimble lets you even record and manage all your 1099 vendor listings within few clicks to make the payment tracking easy.

Insightful financial reporting structure in Nimble has a great advantage for you to offer, with great customizations so you decision making becomes better.

/Users/shashidhark/Downloads/Auto-updated Daily Reports.png

KPI dashboard in Nimble is yet another highlight, which offers responsive widgets enabled with real-time alerts to stay sync of all your hotel happenings.

Visualize all your hotel group’s financial status, key performance metrics from anywhere at any time and keep a tab on Occupancies, RevPAR and ADR, competitive analysis regards to STR and GSS info.


If you could track your daily finances, access business portfolio information in real-time, as well as predict future revenues and expenses, while reducing 70 percent of accounting costs, would that pique your curiosity? It did for many. Schedule a demo with Nimble Property, as per your convenience to hear about leveraging Automation, Integration and Intelligence so you can change the way you do accounting.

Overcome challenges regards to inadequate accounts, poor financial management, lack of a solid decision making strategy and cash flow monitoring. Understanding and addressing these issues is the first sustained and sizeable impact in your financial performance

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