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Top 10 Benefits of Electronic Signature Software

Electronic signatures have been around long enough that the novelty has worn off. You may ask, “What electronic signature software benefits can I expect from electronic signatures?” Below are the top ten electronic signature software benefits.

Top Ten Electronic Signature Software Benefits:

  1. Save time and money by using electronic signatures rather than traditional paper-based methods of signing documents. Electronic signature software saves you time and money by eliminating the need to print documents, find a stamp or sign pen, find someone’s current mailing address to mail a signed document back to them, as well as any costs associated with paper and other supplies used for creating a document requiring a signature. Digital versions have no additional cost or supply expense besides computer use charges if needed. When an electronic version of a contract is presented it must be accepted rather than an option to print, sign and mail. Usually electronic versions are the default method of signing a document.
  2. Avoid complications by sending electronic versions of documents that require electronic signatures directly to recipients without using any intermediary services. Once you have electronic version software set up to work with your electronic signature / digital signature provider / electronic notary service provider it is quick and easy to send digital versions of contracts or other documents requiring electronic signatures directly to recipients. There are also online tools for finding peoples email addresses if you don’t have their contact information readily available.
  3. Advanced electronic signature technology uses complex mathematical algorithms for verifying identity and authenticity of users by verifying handwritten signatures against bank issued credit cards, electronic signature software, drivers licenses and other official documents. Electronic signatures with advanced technology can be used on mobile devices for greater convenience than traditional electronic signature methods that rely on electronic notary publics or specific electronic signature software. Authentic electronic signatures are becoming commonplace due to earlier advances in electronic signature technology which began with the invention of the electronic contract mouse pad.
  4. Avoid tedious, archaic electronic signature problems by taking advantage of electronic signing technologies that eliminate paper documents, ink signatures and other hassles associated with paper based electronic signature methods. Most electronic signature providers have electronic signing software built right in to their service so you do not need to download any additional electronic signing software. This is a huge benefit for many business owners who are already using electronic version software which often also comes with an electronic signature feature for sending digital versions of important documents to clients or customers. You can just send out the document for electronic signatures without having to sign it yourself then get the returned electronic signed version back into your office electronically too!
  5. Eliminate security problems by ensuring that all parties involved in a business transaction are positively identified. This includes the electronic version of the document and any electronic signatures associated with it, and can be achieved by electronic authentication (digital certificate technology).
  6. Say goodbye to file size problems by adding electronic signing features that allow users to sign smaller electronic documents, such as when you need to send a PDF or word document for electronic signatures instead of sending back a full sized copy.
  7. Provide electronic proof of delivery for email communications in case there is ever a legal issue surrounding electronic communications between business parties in your industry such as medical malpractice, electronic banking or other situations where electronic communication has been used in lieu of paper based communication traditionally. You can take advantage of digital proof-of-delivery and non-repudiation services so that electronic communication cannot be argued without electronic proof of delivery and electronic signatures.
  8. Lower business costs by eliminating the need to print, mail or copy documents for electronic signing and sending large electronic files via email — instead electronic document management provides users with the ability to attach electronic versions of signed forms directly into emails to send out for electronic signatures.
  9. Increase productivity and improve customer service by taking advantage of electronic document management services that allow your employees to securely access vital documents from anywhere at any time using an internet browser. Your staff members can review and sign agreements and other business forms, even while they are on the road, saving them valuable time when they get back into the office. Electronic document management also allows you access to important documents stored online, eliminating the hassle and expense of maintaining a file room.
  10. Improve electronic rights management by using electronic document management services to add electronic signing features such as electronic locking, expiration dates and digital certificates that provide electronic protection for documents containing private information like credit card numbers or social security numbers. As you can see, there are many benefits to electronic signature software. These electronic signing software benefits include: electronic authentication, electronic proof of delivery, seamless collaboration capabilities, online pdf signing, improved customer service, improved productivity with access from anywhere at any time, no hassles with lengthy processes or large files which can be emailed vs mailed or couriered via snail mail instead even with an electronic version being sent out, electronic security with electronic signing features to protect private

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