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Hotel Financial Statements to be VALUED & TREASURED. Never leave them behind!

Financial statements are one of the most integral components because they measure a hotel business’s profitability. They can be found in both the hotel industry and other industries. This article, will dwell on three crucial financial statements that lets you make better business decisions. Profit and Loss Statement (P&L) also known as Income Statement typically... Continue Reading →

Characteristics of Adult Electric Scooters

There seems to be a demand for faster and a little less inexpensive modes of transportation throughout this period of existing visibility due to rising population and automobiles for everyday use. It's not just that, but it is less environmentally harmful. As a result, electric scooters were created to address the issue. Humans' quality of... Continue Reading →

Banish all your Hotel Accounting Nightmare & Stay Organized

In the hospitality industry, there were many instances business owners finch where the term ‘accounting’ is mentioned. But, it’s an undeniable fact that accounting plays an integral part in the hotel business, but yeah hoteliers have a hard time understanding it and causes chaotic situation. If you’re also the one amongst, continually stressing on it... Continue Reading →

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