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8 Attractive App Design and Development Trends for 2021

Mobile app development and design trends refocus every year like every other trend. But we all understand that everything happens for a reason. When the same thing begins to adopt by many people, its effectiveness and hype start fading away. So, it becomes the moral duty of every mobile app design company to check out the new happenings in the design and development field from time to time. The one primary source of ideas could be the business owners who have a keen eye on brand name development.

There are 2.87 million applications available to download on the play store. What reason your app gives the user to download it on their phone? The battling to gain user recognition is continuous. Each byte of the application counts to either success or better luck next time. Many research pieces have been conducted in this area which concludes that the primary attention driving force for any mobile or web user is the design. Digital products with beautiful aesthetics inspire users and increase their engagement. To make the online presence vital, the app designer’s job is much focused on user interface (UI) elements, making the organization’s goal more efficiently achievable.

To aid designing and development in reaching the top, we will present you with the ongoing trends to follow in 2021 and make your work more recognizable to the audience

1. Realistic 3D Animations and Graphics

The recent trends of integrating 3D designs into mobile and web interfaces are at the surge and center of attraction. Three-dimensional motion gives life to mobile applications and lets the user interpret the main idea. Designers who possess the 3D graphics skills build the components responsible for enhancing the user interface and brand image. Animations and graphics which make the user’s mind boggle persist them to stick with the screen.

2. Interaction with Video

The whole earth faced the terrifying effect of Covid-19 and locked itself in indoors. From 2020, the new norm of the world of wearing a surgical mask started. Still, everyone is desperately waiting for the vaccination to restart our everyday lives soon like previously it was.

The way we operate, the way we survive with our lives changed by the pandemic. Everyone settled down to their homes to minimize the virus spread. Video and virtual interaction was the only adequate source to interact with each other. That is why virtual conferencing tools were in high demand in 2020.

Probably, you may have observed that remote or virtual working brings many possibilities without trading off on the efficiency. The year 2021 will be defined by cases of video experiences that seamlessly integrate into our everyday lives. Shopping virtually and Telehealthcare are the two well-known examples to see. Many individuals seek to work remotely even after the pandemic ends. They feel relaxed working in their own space without the physical involvement of others. The essential factor to this is the health and well-being of one. Managing things online is way better than embracing the risk of going for physical meetings.

3. Designing Speech Interface

The innovation is old but is a popular trend of today’s industry. Smart houses and smart cities are the reasons for exciting the speech interface trend. The interface facilitates users to interact with the devices from their voice. It gives an uncomplicated way to use the app without touching it directly.

Today, we see virtual assistants on our smartwatches, smartphones, and tablets. They allow us to use our devices and access many of the functionalities with voice commands. A search query can also be triggered with that. Companies can develop such mobile applications which support voice commands to function inside it, enhancing the interface.

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) makes these routes clear to follow. The user interface trends will face the shift to speech interface usage in applications all over the internet. When building a smart home, it becomes vividly necessary.

4. Micro Animations

Almost every new application developing today consists of micro animations. You have seen it many times while using the applications. See Facebook’s ‘like’ feature, for instance. Whenever you tap on it, it plays a small animation.

Many of the times, we did not notice these animations as they are so apparent, obvious, and matched with the UI, but as soon you remove them from the interface, it immediately becomes noticeable that something more requires here.

Mini animations like button color changing on hovering or clicking or moving titles when scrolling attract the eyes and optimize the overall experience.

5. Glassmorphism

This term is new for many of us. It is the latest emerging cool UI trend. Many designers consider neuomorphism to be uncommon, but Glassmorphism has overtaken it now. It is the effect in which backgrounds get blur and creates the frosted glass effect on the screen elements. This style was first seen in Windows Vista, carried by the iOS7, but now is the part of every application in a more refreshed form.

6. Dark Theme

Presently, every operating system is offering a dark mode to its users. Several mobile app development companies are also integrating two modes, light and dark, to let the user choose according to their preference.

A dark theme consists of dark colors, responsible for comforting the user’s eye and minimizing battery utilization. Specifically, in AMOLED screens, dark shades look more appealing as this screen technology turn of the pixels when the color is black. You get attractive looks along with efficiency.

7. Angles which are Unexpected

The focus of designers is now on stand-out designs rather than conventional designing concepts. The designs look more dynamic when blended with unexpected angles.

8. Login without Password

As we have accounts on multiple websites and applications, remembering their passwords all the time is quite tricky. There is a requirement for something more convenient along with top-notch security.

Some applications are already providing the fingerprint unlock functionality instead of typing a long, complex password.

On top of that, flagship phones from brands like Apple and Samsung also offer face ID, replacing biometric authentication. Following the trend, every other mobile manufacturing company is modernizing its login features with these new authentication methods.

The old way of gaining the authorized access to an account or app is not effective anymore. It needs time and effort to remember every app’s password and put it precisely in the password field. Also, there are chances someone might watching you while typing to use it for illegal purposes. Biometric authentication and Face ID are not the trends; they are the need for today.

Last Words

These mentioned eight design and development trends of 2021 are the success holders of the app design. Things and trends are always subject to change, and the case is the same with the mobile application industry. Giving the user a standardized interface enable optimal performance.

It is the untold and unmentioned aim of every designer and developer to make their digital product stand out from the digital crowd. They have to fuse the UX and UI in an innovative way to make the perfect blend. If you share the same goal, then an interface with rich features and aesthetics is the requirement to fulfill.

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