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Simple Tips To Secure Your WordPress Blog/Website

WordPress is one of the most popular open source content management systems that is available for free. WordPress supports more than 30 percent of websites today. As there are huge numbers of people utilizing the benefits of WordPress. It has become a new target for hackers. Hackers do not choose a specific websites delivery a particular market or industry. Therefore no types of websites are exceptions. To avoid unwanted mishaps you should take certain precautions to develop a secure environment for your WordPress website.  In case you fail to secure your website it may lead you to various difficulties.

In this blog we will know about the best tips to secure your blog/website effectively. 

Quality Hosting Provider

To make a website live on the internet so that it is available for web users a web hosting is necessary. A web hosting provider allocates space on web server where a website can store all its important files and directories so that they can be viewed online. Quality of the hosting provider highly depends on the quality of website security. We recommend you to go with the hosting provider which offers multi-layer security to protect you from major attacks and vulnerabilities.

Most of the site owners go for the cheap and affordable hosting solutions and spends more amounts on the other aspects of business. Moreover, spending a bit more of amount can add more security layers to your website. This will ensure that you do not face any vulnerability like data breach and others.

Installing Regular Updates of WordPress

We all know the importance of updates. Each update whether it is of an application or software it comes various beneficial improvements. Various bugs and issues are identified time to time and are fixed to get more secure than before. Similarly WordPress releases its updates to reduce the risk of vulnerabilities. Hence it is essential to regularly update the WordPress to the newest version to avoid risk of uncertainty. WordPress shows a notification every time it releases the new version. You just need to click update now button to begin the process of up gradation and you are done in few minutes.

Security Plugin Installation

WordPress security plugins are offered to reduce the time to check for the malicious codes and their activities. Earlier only professional experts were able to identify the malware present in the code. This is because they have in-depth and regular knowledge about the coding practice. As the security plugins comes into the role it is now possible to realize the threats and take an appropriate action. A security plugin ensures site security by regularly scanning and monitoring your site against threats.            

Secure, themes Security Pro, Jetpack, WP Scan ,Word fence, Bulletproof Security ,All In One WP Security & Firewall are some of the best security plugins that you can install on your WordPress to secure the site.

Strong Password

Passwords are the most common way to secure your website. However many person do not consider it more important. A strong password will benefit your site to remain secure and will help you to stay protected from hackers and other vulnerabilities. A strong password is not easy to guess and remember. Moreover it is not easy to crack as well. For example a password only containing character or a password only containing a series of number is easy to guess and remember. It is recommended that you should only use a password which is having a combination of characters, numerical and also some special characters like @,#,$,%,& etc. 

If you having a weak password for your website which is easy to guess: which can be cracked easily it’s time to change the password as soon as possible you can. It’s highly important to use more and more complex password which can only be remembered by you. Or you can also go for the automated generated passwords containing numbers, letters and special characters.

Install an SSL certificate

SSL has become an essential element of a website and most popular web browse are now marking a website as not secure to the website which are not having an SSL certificate installed in it. The term SSL is a short form of Single socket Layer which works for the security of the communication between the browser and the server. Most of the site demands for the confidential details of the users such as credit and debit card details and personal details too. It is important to make sure that this confidential remains secure and no attacks can harm the inside things of a website.

Google the most popular search engines benefits the site to rank well who are having SSL certificates within them. SSL uses the security of encryption and decryption techniques which cannot be understand by anyone making it a more secure channel of communication. To get your site more secure than before you must have an SSL certificate for it.

Set a limitation to your log in attempts

A WordPress website can be secured by limiting the website log in attempts to the right extent. WordPress allows its users to log in as many times that they want this open up a way to the brute force attacks. Brute Force Attacks are the types of attacks where an unauthorized person tries to enter many passwords in order to guess the right one.

By setting a limit of log in you can protect yourself from these types of attacks. A user who enters multiple passwords ultimately gets into the blacklist. The most common plugin for stopping the brute force attacks is to install a plugin named WordPress login limit attempts plugin.


In conclusion, security is the top most priority for any person. Especially talking about the WordPress security is essential for the website security. If you fail to safeguard your WordPress security there are chances you are most prone to attacks for your website by the hackers. Maintaining a site security is not at all hard if there are regular checks and updates.

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