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Do you need to wear blue light blocking glasses all time?

After the invention of smart technology, you have read many articles and comments that how blue light is harmful to vision. Therefore, blue-light blocking glasses are a big source to offer great protection against blue light. Well, this information is quite helpful to get awareness about blue light, but very few people get to know about this light. If you are a traveler of the same boat, don’t worry, this post is for you which will help you what is this.

There is another discussion about blue light glasses and why they are important. How do they offer you protection from blue rays and their wrong effects? Another common question people often ask is that will it be fine if they wear blue light glasses for a long time.

Absolutely yes is a short answer, and it is fine to spend all day wearing them, and they have no wrong effects on your eyes. Indeed, blue light eyewear shields your eyes from the surrounding blue rays, and it keeps making sure that your eyes are safe from blue light exposure. Stick to this post, and you will come to know its amazing facts of blue light and why it is a hazard for you. 

What are blue rays?

Whenever people think about light, the first thing that comes to mind is the fluorescent lights that lit up their homes or consider natural light that warms them and face regularly. However, in the wide spectrum, there is the existence of different shades of light. And most of the rainbow which occasionally appear after rain. Blue light is also a kind of light that also exists in this light spectrum, and we get through two major sources. The first one of LED screens like computers, smartphones, and tablets. The second source is natural that is the sun.

Hazards effects of blue rays:

Although blue rays are beneficial for our health in small quantities high amount of blue light is emitting from sunlight. And we get its effect when we headed in the sun and keeps us healthy and active.

But the major issue arises when you expose to too much blue light, not from natural sources. When you get blue light from the wrong source and use it at the wrong time, it is too much hazard for you. For example, just consider yourself when you are on the bed at night time and scrolling screen to watching your favorite sites of social media. You know it’s your sleeping time, and you need to sleep, but you are consuming the resting time of your body in watching a digital screen.

These are the hazardous blue rays that are emitting directly from your digital screen, and your eyes are getting this light. This light keeps you awake for more time even late at night which is the biggest cause of eye strain. When you get blue light late at night, it leads to insomnia and eye strain because blue light decreases the development of melatonin and makes it different for you to fall asleep at night time. Even in some situations, blue light has a great contribution to blindness as well.

Why do you need blue blocker lenses?

Although you are slowly going to blindness when you browse social media every night. In this situation, the investment of blue locker glasses is a good investment for eyes safety.

  • Work late at night particularly with the digital screen.
  • Struggling with insomnia and many more sleep problems.
  • Early symptoms or diagnosed with computer vision syndrome that is a unique kind of eye strain caused by excessive use of digital devices for a long time.
  • Maximum time consume by digital activities.
Pick the correct pair of blue-blocking lenses:

There are two kinds of blue light eyewear, one can block out 99% blue rays, and the second can block 50% blue rays. The first category of glasses can block 99% blue light, and they are manufactured for certain activities that are sensitive to blue rays.

Or these glasses can also use those users who have to work late at night. Besides, the lenses of these glasses are for visual enhancement, and you can get in yellow tint. While 50% light blocking glasses can use for the daytime working on a digital screen. Furthermore, they are subtler because you can get them with prescription lenses.

But the second category is most suitable because you can use their regular basis. Therefore, it is true that the coating of blue light-blocking glasses is useful because it decreases exposure to UV rays. Besides, it is completely safe if you use it outdoor because they keep your eyes comfortable and secure.


So, from all said, blue light glasses are safe to wear even for an entire day and are not facing a digital screen. These glasses are for your help to secure your eyes and vision not to hurt them.

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